Narthex Screen

1. Ecumenical seal of the World Council of Churches

2. Seal of the United Church of Christ

3. Seal of the National Council of Churches

4. Sun Rising behind Mt. Fiji Yama - Missionary work

5. Aloe Plant - "Jesus I Live To Thee."

6. Shield of the Theol. Seminary of the Reformed Church in the US

7. Shield of the Eastern Synod of the Reformed Church in the US

8. Shield of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in the US

9. Coat of arms of Michael Schlater - Pioneer organizer

10. Three Shields - Heidelberg Catechism

11. Coat of arms of Geneva - A great center of Reformation

12. Open book on lectern - Melancthon

13. Heart on palm of hand - John Calvin

14. Seal of Zwingli - Founder of Reformation

15. Messiah rose with heart and cross - Martin Luther

16. Chalice on Bible - John Huss

17. Star - John Wyclif

18. Three tongues of fire-descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost

East Window (Above Narthex)

1. Cross and crown (top center); Christ in Glory

2. Escallop shell of Baptism and cross-mast ship sailing through troubled waters (top left); The Great Commission

3. ihc; Abbrev. of the Greek Word for Jesus, Ιησούς

4. Font (left of the rose); Sacrament of Baptism

5. Messianic Rose (center panel of cross); Immanuel, "God with us."

6. Wheat and Grapes (right of the rose); Sacrament of Communion

7. Two lamps interlaced and surmounted by a cross (left lower panel); Marriage

8. Hand of God, the Father, sending down the dove of the Holy Spirit to two doves representing Christian souls (center panel below rose); Confirmation

9. Hand on head of the ordained and stoles, (bottom of center panel); Ordination

10. Phoenix and Butterfly (bottom right); Resurrection

Altar Wall Stained Glass

A. God the Father, Hand of God, with stars

B. God the Son, Lamb of God

C. God the Holy Spirit, Descending Dove

1. St. Peter, Cock

2. St. John, Chalice and Serpent

3. St. James, Plgrim Hat and Staff

4. St. Andrew, Two Crossed Fishes

5. St. Bartholomew, A Great Scimitan (Knife)

6. St. Philip, Basket and Tan Cross

7. St. Thomas, Girdle and Three Stones

8. St. Matthew, Three Purses

9. St. James the Less, A Saw

10. St. Jude, Sailboat

11. St. Matthew, Open Bible and Double-ax

12. St. Simon, A Fish on a Book

Church Entrance (Exterior Stone)

Graded Cross: (Cross standing on the base of three steps) used at entrance to instill inspiration of the Way to Heaven. The three steps represent the three Theological Virtues. The first lowest step represents CHARITY, broadest and greatest of the three Theological Virtures. Second step denotes HOPE. The third and highest step, being next to the cross, expresses FAITH as the gift of the Crucified Lord.

Alpha and Omega: Used with Cross to symbolize that our Lord Jesus is the beginning and end of all things.


Four Evangelists:

St. Matthew: The winged man portrays the human side of Christ.

St. Mark: The winged lion represents His royal character.

St. Luke: The winged calf testifies to His sacerdotal nature and is emblematic of Sacrifice.

St. John: The winged eagle represents the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Altar: The Presence of the Lord

Five Crosses Carved on Mensa (Altar top): The Five Wounds of our Lord.

Altar Cross: Christ, the Savior of the world: the atonement; and the finished redemption.

Six Candles: The six days of Creation or the six hours spent by our Lord on the Cross. Christ the light of the world.

Lectern: The World

Font: Holy Baptism and Regeneration

Pulpit: Testimony and Instruction in Religion


The Trinity (Sounding Board)

Father: Six blue rays representing the creator's star.

Son: Chi Rho with the Alpha and Omega representing the Lord Jesus Christ as the beginning and the end of all things

Holy Ghost: Descending Dove.

Earth: Green is at the bottom with other green rays suggesting responsive emanations from the earth. White rays at top suggests the spiritual activity emanating from Heaven in all directions.

Beginning & End: A and W, Alpha and Omega

Flower Sacristy (Outside wall of the former Chapel Meditation Room)

Preaching: (top) Open Bible depicting the word of God.

Prayer: (left) Censor with a XP (Chi Rho) symbolizing Psalm 141:2, "Let my prayer be set forth as incense."

Praise: (right) Lyre, typical of the instruments which were used to accompany the praises of the Lord according to the psalms.

Christian Education: (bottom) Lamps of knowledge topped with a cross.

Other Symbols:

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