Chancel Renovation
Possibilities Becoming Our Reality 

We are excited to bring you up to date on the progress on the project to upgrade the chancel for more accessibility and flexibility. The goal of the project is to modernize the chancel area to provide a wider, more flexible area in the center chancel area and to incorporate a handicap accessible ramp from the main floor seating to the chancel. More upgrades to this space are listed below.

Below is an artist’s rendering of how the chancel will look when the project is complete, as well as drawings to show which items will be removed and added. The drawing on the top shows items that will be removed. The lower drawing shows the wider steps and handicap ramp and also shows how much more open and flexible the chancel area will be. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Additional additions/upgrades:

  • The pulpit, lectern, Lord’s Table, and organ console will become moveable items.

  • The two groups of fixed seats for the choir will be replaced with upholstered wooden chairs that will match the aesthetics and style of the church.

  • The steps to the chancel, where the children’s choirs usually stand, will be widened.

  • The organ console will be put on casters, similar to the way a large piano is mounted on casters, so that it will be moveable.

  • The rigid wiring between the organ console and the sound-producing organ pipes will be replaced with new terminal boards and a modern Ethernet type cable.

  • The project also includes upgrades to the lighting in the chancel and main seating area of the sanctuary to replace obsolete incandescent and fluorescent lights with more energy efficient LED lighting.

  • Some of the lighting will have dimming controls, rather than simple on-off switches, so that lighting levels can be adjusted gradually.

  • A camera system will be installed in the chancel so that that the children’s chat portion of the Sunday worship service can be displayed on the overhead video screens, for everyone to see.

  • A T-coil loop, which is a special amplifier channel and “antenna” system to provide clearer sound for people with hearing aids, has also been incorporated into the project.

  • The sound system has already been replaced, and the old sanctuary sound system has been installed in Fellowship Hall.

The proposed schedule is to start the construction work right after Christmas and to have the chancel area complete in time for Easter 2017, which is April 16, 2017. The Chancel Renovation Committee plans to award the construction contracts towards the beginning of November.  The organ will be removed immediately following the Christmas services.  Demolition will start at the beginning of January, and construction should be complete (except for the organ installation) by the end of March.  The organ installation will follow.

During the renovation, the sanctuary would still be useable for worship services every Sunday, with the piano being used to accompany the choir and congregational singing.

The estimated total cost for the entire project is $215,000. We have already received $164,884.  This amount includes the donations to the capital campaign in 2014 and 2015 and $40,000 that Consistory authorized from savings to allow the sound system replacement and some of the work to proceed. In addition, we have $17,100 in pledges for the project. So we are nearly 85% of the way to the goal. But we still need $34,000 more to cover the full cost of the project. We are organizing a group to conduct a variety of fund-raising projects to raise that money, so that the project can proceed on schedule and be completed in time for Easter 2017. Be on the look-out for more information about these fund-raising efforts. Contributions to the Chancel Fund are also welcome at any time and can be mailed to the church office or put in the offering plate any Sunday.

TOTAL BUDGET: $215,000

$59,884 (27.85%) 

Donations from Project via Capital Campaign

$50,000 (23.26%)

Matching Money from Project during Capital Campaign

$40,000 (18.60%)

Approved from Savings by Consistory on 2/4/2016

$15,000 (6.98%)

Gift from Love is Stronger Campaign

$17,100 (7.95%)

Funds Pledged, but not yet paid

$33,016 (15.36%)

Balance Needed to Fully Fund Project

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