Welcome to the Cherub Choir. I am looking forward to a fun season of singing with the children. The Cherub Choir meets every Tuesday in the choir room from 5:20-5:50 pm. (Except over Christmas Break.) Parents are welcome to stay and listen.


The goal of this choir is for all the children to enjoy music through Christian fellowship. At each rehearsal, your child will have the opportunity to learn about music and their faith by:

  • singing bible songs, hymns and folk songs

  • engaging in dramatization, improvisation, and movement

  • playing rhythm instruments and xylophones (Orff instruments)

Children will find their singing voice through solo singing, singing games, and pitch matching activities. Children will be able to sing with clear, light, in tune voices.

Singing During Worship

We typically sing at the traditional worship service. Children should wear nice church clothes. We warm up in the bell rehearsal room (i.e. the small room adjacent to the choir room). The children will walk down the aisle in the church and sit in the first pew, in front of the pulpit, until we sing. We normally sing after the “Confession” at the “Praise Response.” Then the children are dismissed to their parents for the remainder of the service.

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