We are part of God’s unfolding story.  We realize God is at work in all of creation bringing order out of disorientation, peace out of disruption, and justice out of distortion.

In Jesus Christ we experience what God would have us become, do and believe about what matters most in life.  We believe we are on a journey, a journey toward wholeness, a journey to embrace neighbor and stranger; a journey that includes love, care, respect and consideration for the earth and all its inhabitants.

We seek to live as a congregation of extravagant welcome.  We are believers, people who yearn, question, engage and seek.  We are young, old, gay, straight, married, partnered, and single yet brought together by a God whose embrace and love will not let go.  We seek to be guided by God’s very Spirit, breathing passion, joy and purpose throughout our lives.

Who We Are


  • We believe in a true creation, although one that is broken and yearns to be whole and complete.

  • We believe in a triune God: Our creator, resurrected Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe that God was in Jesus Christ in such a unique way that the more we look and listen to Jesus, the more we see and experience God; as well as God’s intentions for the world. 

  • We believe that God’s Spirit continues in the work of creating, sustaining and renewing the world as well as ourselves.

  • We believe God creates community, community to worship, serve, heal, learn, celebrate, laugh, and experience joy.

  • We believe the story of God as witnessed in scripture (the Bible), and believe that story is continuing to unfold with ourselves as called to participate in that story of love, redemption, and wholeness.

  • We believe in being open and discerning of God’s will for our lives through engaging scripture, our tradition, through reason and experience.

  • We believe that God is present and working through all things, including our lives, through the sciences, in and through institutions and structures, as well as through other faith traditions.  

  • We believe in a faith that speaks to and encompasses daily life.

  • We believe in the power of God’s transformation in our lives and in the lives of others.

What We Believe

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