We're all on a journey.  Searching for answers, wrestling with who we are, why we're here, figuring out what life is all about. Home: family, expectations, and rules. School: teachers, classes, and grades. Friends: everyone, no one, parties, and relationships. With so much going on, and so many different voices competing for attention, it's hard to determine what is really important and what life is all about. Is there something that reaches deeper, that doesn't expect or require things of us, a compass that can help us on our journey?​

RISE Sunday Morning Teen Fellowship is the gathering place for those students in grades 9-12 that have been confirmed and are now young adult members of Immanuel. Through relational ministry, focusing on being a Christian, and service opportunities, RISE provides support for this amazing journey we call living a Christian life. RISE is designed to create and nurture authentic community amongst high school students and provide them with the foundation for being a Christian in the greater community, while becoming connected with other high school students who are asking similar questions and are attempting to navigate through high school life and being a Christian.


Each Sunday, we explore how our Faith plays into our daily lives - whether at school, on the athletic field, in the music room, or at home. This is a great time for youth to develop meaningful friendships while discussing life and faith issues. We explore our Faith and relationship with God by volunteering within our community and church family, having engaging (and fun!) dialogue, and bonding as a group to explore the ways for which we can practice our Faith. The RISE leaders encourage the youth to help guide activities for which they feel inspired and called to do. Through games, activities, videos, music, service opportunities, small group discussions, and fellowship time we will explore how the bible applies to our everyday life. RISE isn't necessarily dedicated to just Sundays after church services - we often leave campus to enjoy a meal or participate in other activities as a group! This is for youth that do not just want to hear about God's word, but live it too!  Join us every Sunday from 10:15 to 11:00 in the IUCC Youth Room.


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